Monday, April 20, 2009

Something Beautiful

I hope I gain some patience from blogging because I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the demand technology has in my life. Trying to keep up on my facebook, myspace, linkedin, school website and now the new addition of a blog might just make me move back to Idaho. ha ha JK don't worry I am not going anywhere yet.

So this past weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday and feel wiser and skinnier with the extra year! ha ha not! But I did have some time to reflect on life and what I find joy in.

I really under estimated the immense power the SUN has in my life. I have always loved the sun, probably a little too much and thus my ever increasing (connect the dots as I call them) freckles. I might be silly but I find myself smiling as I get into my car and feel the warmth radiating inside. The sun on my skin feels my body with life and I can't help but be happy to feel the rays of the beautiful sun. I am grateful that from the sun, new life emerges. I am talking about my other happy thought of flowers. I know everything is good in moderation flowers die if they are in too much sun, our skin gets cancer and turns to human leather but I love it!

My day is much better when I wake up and look outside to find the sun shining! The possibility of a perfect day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My first blog

So, I have decided to try this whole blogging idea. Today I was thinking that life is moving so fast and I want to find a way to capture the little things in my life. The moments when I see something beautiful or I meet someone who opens my eyes up to a new perspective. So I decided to start this blog to recognize those, "Flowers, smiles and rays of sunshine" that make my day more worthwhile.