Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Cheesy ok, I know!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

So, I am totally the type of person that gets excited for cheesy things! Like St. Patrick's Day today, it is also my nephew Chance's bday, so a shout out to him! But I get ready for work and come decked out with my bright green polo, green eye liner, green bracelets and even decide to buy some scratchers for my office coworkers with a little note that says, "Happy St. Patrick's Day, Hope you get Lucky" followed by my demand for a cut of their winnings! ha ha ha.
I love days like today. A silly reason to celebrate and change things up. I have been sick these past few weeks, but just because cheesy holidays like St. Patty's Day I am in a fantastic mood. I think its funny that these small, insignificant days, that are annoying to some, bring out a deeper happiness in me. It's not because I am Irish, or drink beer, its just because its fun, and another reason to celebrate something. And actually, most other holidays are the same for me and especially birthdays. Most of my friends can atest to this. I LOVE birthdays and not because I like parties, which I do love by the way, but because everyone should stop whining about their age. Who cares how old you are now, and what the world would say you should have accomplished by now, or how your body is not settling the way you had hoped. Birthdays are a time to celebrate that fact that you were born, and have lived a life that brought you to this year. Good or bad, you choose what perspective and outlook you will have. I am choosing the glass half full! The sun is shinning and the world is a disaster. I have come to know that I will be a lot more helpful and received if I am a positive motivator for change and action rather than a negative lazy person.
I am learning a lot about myself and honestly, today is one of those days where I have been enlightened that I like to celebrate, bring a smile to some one's face and make people feel like someone is thinking about them. I know there is so much more to life then these days but I am finding that sometimes it is the little things that make life worth while.

So Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, pass on a smile and celebrate today!